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The shell of your DX, LX, and SLX-series Gulf Coast Spa is made from General Electric's GELOY ® resin. GELOY is one of the most weather-resistant materials available in constructing outdoor products.


By using GE’s  X-GEN™ resin technology, shells offer exceptional durability in outdoor environments. They retain their color and mechanical properties under prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat.


GELOY shells are like having permanent sunblock for your spa!.




All shells are factory tested and require no polish or treatment before startup. You may, of course, wish to wipe down your shell with a soft damp cloth before filling it with water to remove any debris that may have accumulated during transport.


Always clean your shell between fillings with a mild, citrus-based cleaning solution. Never clean your shell with solvents.  (See also Water quality.)


After cleaning, you may choose to wax your spa with a quality automotive soft-paste wax, such as Turtle Wax.

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Author: Philip Rastocny