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How to setup my spa - I


0. FAQs:


  1. Cabinets

  2. Covers

  3. Dealers

  4. Help

  5. Insulation

  6. Jets

  7. Ozonators

  8. Pre-installation

  9. Set-up

    1. Before adding water

    2. Filling the spa

    3. Testing the electrical system

    4. Programming

    5. Closing up the spa

  10. Shells

  11. Terminology

  12. Water quality

  13. Winterizing

  14. Wiring


Once your spa is delivered, you may be tempted to fill it up and jump right in. As with all things worthwhile, a little patience now can go a long way. Your spa was just bounced around in the back of a shipping truck, then tossed onto a cart, wheeled around corners, gently dropped down into place, and then bumped around while connecting wires and plumbing. At each one of these points, something could have come loose or become damaged and now is the time to double check everything before you fill it with water.


Go through these simple steps now to prevent common issues when setting up your spa for the first time. Click below to continue.


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Author: Philip Rastocny