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The covers used in our spas are made from a strong, weatherproof marine-grade vinyl. These covers are designed to meet the ASTM manual safety cover standard F1346-91 and incorporate several features to improve its insulating ability while enhancing its strength and durability:



  1. Side-release tie-down straps with child-resistant locks to secure access to your spa from unwanted visitors while increasing personal safety

  2. High-quality non-corrosive zippers with strong polyester thread construction to resist rot, mildew, sun damage and premature degradation

  3. Tough, marine-grade vinyl to resist mildew and odor build-up

  4. Gusseted, double stitched skirt to provide a good thermal seal, and protect the lip of your spa from sun damage

  5. Strong, reinforced handles for opening and closing the cover

  6. 20 gauge galvanized steel, 2.5" wide C-channel support beam to provide increased strength against snow-loading and discourage foam sagging

  7. 6 mil., single-extruded, virgin bead, polyethylene vapor barrier on expanded polystyrene foam core to inhibit foam-core moisture absorption

  8. Tapered virgin-bead expanded polystyrene foam core to permit rain water run-off while combining high insulating abilities with low weight

  9. Multiple layered, reinforced hinge to improve reliability
  10. Continuous hinge seal to fill the entire hinge gap created thereby increasing overall insulation value

  11. Reflex Energy Shield base material on bottom of spa cover to improve energy efficiency and resist deterioration

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Author: Philip Rastocny