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Gulf Coast Spas now uses the Eon™ environmentally-friendly state-of-the-art synthetic material for its Luxury series spa cabinets. We use this material because it is naturally resistant to both rotting and insect infestation and should last up to 30 years before replacement.


Gulf Coast Spas also selected this material since it is not susceptible to the blistering, cracking, or fading typically found with other types of cabinets. Plus individual sections can be replaced in the event of an accident or damage instead of replacing the entire cabinet or panel.


Routine maintenance of your spa cabinet consists of a simple spray from your garden hose to remove loose dirt and debris. A periodic wash with warm water and mild dish soap will keep your spa looking its best and lasting its longest.


To remove surface scratches, simply run a loose utility knife blade over the scratch to blend it in. For deeper scratches, use a similarly-colored wax Crayola® Crayon or Minwax® to revive the color.


Do not use any kind of petroleum-based or high-sudsing products on your Luxury series cabinet.

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Author: Philip Rastocny